March 31, 2019 update

Yes yes, it has been a few months since I’ve posted and there have been some changes taking place which will possitively impact my leasure and vocational endeavors.

Education update

I have changed my major this past fall to Network and Systems Administration through my college which is a two year program. I have started strong with my fall term resulting in an A in CIS151, the first in the four part Cisco CCNA series as well as a B in CS140M, an operating systems fundamental course based around Windows. During this past winter term, I averaged another A in CIS 152 the second Cisco course in the CCNA series, a B in project management and the last class I took, CS290 introduction to web development was poorly designed and I ended up failing the course. My financial aid was in trouble because of it but I ended up sorting it all out. It is now the end of spring break and spring term will begin this next week. This term it is CIS153, CS140U for Linux and CS275 for database administration.

Employment update

Since October though, I have actually been called for an interview at <a custom metal products fabrication and parts manufacturer Allegheny Technology as a help desk support person. The interview went well and it wasn’t until far after Christmas that I heard back asking for a second interview stating that they were interested in hiring me. During the second interview we discussed the finer points of accomodations and scheduling and was provided a tour around the facilities which I would be working in if hired.

Music and hobby update

I have nearly the perfect drum set and I’ll be sharing my guide on what I used and why I used what I did. After getting my loans for spring term in the next few weeks, I’ll need to get a set of monitors and funds aren’t unlimited. I’m also in need of a multi track mixer to allow me to automatically record separate 1/4 inputs to their own device under Windows. I hope this will make production much smoother. I’ve got some new demos Kyle and I have been working on and I’ll be sharing those in an update soon as well.

Other misc updates

I’ve been getting some comments on the site asking about soe stuff I had up and I appologize for neglecting my site so much. I’m fixing the availability of the Snowman Radio Show archives for folks to download them and I’m adding my demos to my audio page. I’m also planning to do some kind of a podcast or some sort of youtube thing to spread information. Stay tuned!

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