July Update

Hi folks. Been since March that I’ve posted an update, so here is the latest.

I have completed my first year of my network system administration degree with mostly A’s and a few B’s and I have taken my CompTia 220-901 A+ certification exam. I am on my way to completing the second half of this certification, the 220-902 before the 900 series of this A+ certification is retired in favor for the 1000 series. After the A+ is completed, I’ll be focusing on what I know best, networking and will be then scheduling my Network+ certification followed by probably the hardest of them, my Security+ and my CCENT then CCNA. Cisco is retiring the CCENT/ICND1 and 2 certifications in February of 2020 in favor of one huge CCNA certification as it was in the past. This, in my opinion is a bad choice on their part. If you need a reference for computer based online course training, feel free to contact me and I will get you connected to my advisor at CBT Campus who will be able to get you discounts on any of these courses.

I have started to become more active on Youtube with my new channel, Sightless TV where I talk about not only blindness related topics but anything that comes to mind. My aim is to make this an informational channel about technology, blindness and everyday things that may enlighten sighted folks to view the world of blindness in a more relaxed way. I’ve uploaded my latest video where I talk about things to consider if you need accommodations when attending college and things to look out for.

I’ll be checking back in soon, so stay tuned!

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