Painters paint pictures on canvas. But musicians paint pictures on silence

I am Cody Hurst, a blind musician and amature audiophile in western Oregon who plays drums and guitar. I’ve always had an ability to play the drums. I began drumming by the age of six and by the time I was fourteen I had already owned a series of acoustic kits, then slowly started to learn to play the guitar. In addition to many acoustic drum kits, I also have experience and knowledge using electronic drums and VST’s such as Superior Drummer.

Recording and mixing audio has been a hobby of mine since 2007. My first recordings I put online were done around Christmas of 2008 when I was still in high school. During that time, my friend, Kyle and I colaborated on a couple of these early tracks mostly for fun. Around 2011 I met a veteran radio personality who offered to do a tech talk podcast with me. After 20 episodes and no listens we finally gave up. My musical spirit fell to the wayside over the next five years until 2016 when I purchased an Alesis DM10 Studio Mesh kit and a Dean modifier guitar. Since this point I have almost acquired all of the perfect gear I’ve been wanting. Now in 2018, I am preparing myself to do product reviews, podcasts and share my knowledge of drumming and music.

My Gear

Yamaha stage custom birch Honey Amber stock image from in front ESP LTD v401fm guitar stock image
Yamaha Stage Custom birch honey amber A to E conversion kit project with Zildjian L80 cymbals ESP LTD V401FM flying V guitar Ibanez Geo 4 string bass with active pickups Mega Drum 56 drum trigger module

How do you record your music as a blind person?

As a blind musician, by far the most usable and cost effective solution that I use is Reaper 5.X digital audio workstation software, and the free and open source screen reader NVDA. In order for Reaper to be fully accessible, one must install the Osara plug-in as well as the SWS extention. If you are interested in how to use NVDA with Superior Drummer, first read my page on Setting up your EDrums with Superior Drummer. When you are done, continue on to read about accessing Superior Drummer with NVDA with the vMouse and vTurbo addons Please note that VMouse and VTurbo are not being developed for and so this access solution may no longer work. Please see the auto hotkey scripts available from Access4Music

Hurst Audio Productions original Music

I have redesigned the way I present my content. The following table shows all projects by year.

2008 2011 2017 2018 Other
Fusion final Listen RDV FM bumper 1 Listen Demo song 1 Listen Alone (composed by K. Frownfelter) Listen John Bonham 1979 outtakes Download
Blue Rain Listen RDV FM bumper 2 Listen Demo song 2 Listen Blue turns to Gray (composed by K. Frownfelter) Listen Nokia Crank ringtone Listen
Crunch Time Listen RDV FM bumper 3 Listen Kyle’s new riffs Listen Race to Nowhere (composed by K. Frownfelter) Listen Shaguar ringtone (Austin Powers movie) Listen
Random drum warm up Listen RDV FM bumper 4 Listen Super metal ideas Listen Shaguar ringtone 2 (Austin Powers movie) Listen
Fusion demo 1 Listen Live jam with myself and Kyle Listen
Interlude Listen Demo song 2, solo by K. Frownfelter Listen
All Gray Listen
Old Skype raps (teenage humor) Download

Weatherscan Music

Many folks, myself included, find the instrumental music that was and has been featured on the 24/7 Weatherscan channel on cable TV provided by most cable companies, relaxing. This is the archive of 40 songs excluding tracks composed by Trammell Starks. I have removed the individual track listings as they can all be heard individually on my Youtube channel starting with the playlist for disk 1. To download the archive, click here. For the complete history of Weatherscan, go here.. All credit for production goes to The Weather Channel and Jack Mascari for his excellent guitar work on some of these tracks. Though these tracks were never officially named by TWC, I have still added meta data on all 4 disks to make it easier to add to your music library.

Music for local forecast 3 cd set by Trammell Starks

An additional catalog of instrumental music that was used by TWC was composed by a jazz artist Trammell Starks of Alpharetta Georgia. In 1995, Trammell composed a 39 track, 3 disk set of music specifically for the weather channel to use on their Local on the Eights segments and on their 24/7 Weatherscan loop. Although I own a copy of this collection I obtained directly from Trammell, I am unable to offer his music directly, all of his tracks can be found as playlists on my Youtube channel starting with playlist for disk 1. Trammell’s official website appears to be down, so I am linking to his Facebook page.

Diamond P Sports music

Recently I was digging through Youtube to find old VHS rips of some Diamond P motorsports tapes, and discovered an entire playlist of 200 songs used on the “And they Walked Away” series of videos. A number of these songs I vividly remember and really liked, so I downloaded them and I’d like to share with you my favorite 23 tracks from this list of 200 tracks. There is just something about the 80’s that hits home with me! To download the archive of my favorite tracks click here